Chad owns and operates Becker 505 Inspired Ideas in Stoughton. Chad and his wife Wendy have three horses and enjoy having them on their farm. Chad is newer to having horses but loves having them around. Chad is committed to helping the Madison Mounted Patrol because he understands the value that the unit brings to the area and wants to increase the awareness of the unit in the community.


Lisa Hiebing works at Hiebing's Refrigeration, Inc., and handles the administrative and bookkeeping duties.  Lisa and her family have lived in De Forest for almost 20 years. Lisa's family adopted a burro and a mustang from the Bureau of Land Management and found Natural Horsemanship as a valued method of training. Lisa is committed to helping Madison Mounted because she understands the value and unique abilities that police horses are able to provide!


Natasha is currently a student planning to go to college to major in business, and she is also the intern with the Madison Mounted Patrol Unit. Since a very young age, Natasha always wanted to be around horses, and always admired the idea of becoming a mounted police officer, hence her joining the board to support the unit.  She (her family) has two horses, a rescue named “Blue Ghost” and a BLM mustang, “Sassy”.

Jody Bearman

Jody, a veterinarian, founded AnShen Holistic Veterinary Care in 2006. After many years of being unable to diagnose or treat some animals with conventional medicine alone, she became a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, Certified Veterinary Chinese Herbalist, Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapist(member College of Animal Chiropractors) and veterinary homeopath to have many tools to diagnose and treat horses and all other animals. In her free time, she writes journal articles, speaks at seminars, volunteers treating animals and spends time with her human and animal family including her 28 year old Arabian gelding Buddy.

Jenn LaMarr

Jenn has been a horse lover since she was a little girl. She graduated from The University of Findlay in 2008 and received a Bachelors degree in Equine Business Management with an Associates in Western Training and a minor in Fine Arts. She is currently a staff member at The Horse First Farm where the Madison Mounted Patrol horses are kept and enjoys caring for them every day, making sure they are happy and healthy. She owns an Appaloosa mare named Misty who has been her equine partner for 16 years. When Jenn isn't hanging out at the barn she loves to work on various art projects for her crafting business "The Creative Odyssey" and is also an avid reader. She has volunteered for the Madison Mounted Unit for the past 6 years, and was invited to join the board last fall. Jenn believes that the Mounted Unit serves an important role in the relationship between the community and the Madison Police Force by allowing people to connect with officers in a unique way, establishing a positive rapport with citizens.

Jennifer Amundsen

Ms. Amundsen has been practicing law in Madison, Wisconsin, since 2003 when she graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School. Among other areas of practice, she brings her many years of legal experience to bear on matters affecting horses and companion animals; their owners, breeders and trainers; and related businesses, clubs, and organizations. She recently realized her lifelong dream of owning a horse and enjoys spending time with Nick. She is also a devoted lover of dogs and is active in several dog clubs. Ms. Amundsen is active on social media as The Dog Savvy Lawyer. The Dog Savvy Lawyer loves horses, too!



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The Madison Mounted Police Team was informally started in 1986 when six Madison Police Officers asked the Chief if they could ride their personal horses while in uniform in the November Annual Holiday Parade. The uniformed team was such a big hit ...


Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol