Doctor B 'Doc'

My name is "Doc". I am a Shire gelding born in 2010. I have been on the job since 2015.  I am 16.3 HH tall and weigh about 1,400 lbs! I may be the rookie but I love being out on patrol.


Sponsored By Stacey Bean of Indigo Trails

Thanks to the generous support of Indigo Trails owner Stacey Bean, the Madison Mounted Patrol has been able to add Doc to the team. Stacey became the first to support the unit through our Horse Sponsor program!  It is only through this annual donation that our non-profit can support the ongoing boarding and care costs associated with Doc.


Stacey is proud to honor the memory and legacy of the late Dr. Darren Bean whose career and service to first responders’ lives on now through the service of Doctor ‘B’.  We are honored to share in this legacy with Stacey, Indigo Trails and the Madison Mounted Patrol.




My name is “Bubba”.ᅠ I am a Percheron/Clydesdale gelding born in 2002 and started my career as a police horse in 2010. I am 18.1 HH tall and weigh about 1,900 lbs! I have a “goofy kid” personality and love to play basketball!

Sponsored By The Munz Corporation

Founded in 1970, Munz Corporation has been developing and managing apartment home communities in Madison and South Central Wisconsin for over 40 years. Munz Corporation expanded its operation to include the development and management of commercial office, retail, and office warehouse projects in the early 1980's.


Since its inception, Munz Corporation has developed over 3,000 apartment units and 500,000 square feet of commercial office, retail, and warehouse space. Clients have ranged from the State of Wisconsin to regional banks and national retailers.


Munz Corporation's outstanding reputation has been built on the principals of quality, integrity, excellence, and reliability. Contact Munz Corporation today to locate your next apartment home or to discuss your commercial real estate needs.



My name is “Scarlett”. I am a Percheron/Friesian mare born in 2005 and became a police horse in 2011. I am 17.2 HH tall and weigh about 1,500 lbs. I was a show horse in training before serving the citizens of Madison. Now everyone can see my beauty!

sponsored by the employees, families and friends of the Carlson Company in honor of the selfless commitment to others exhibited by animal and human alike

I have chosen to contribute to the Madison K-9 and mounted police group, and here’s why: perhaps you have some similar feelings?


My maternal grandmother, Grace Loretta Clough, was born in Wrightstown Wisconsin in 1898 at her parents’ home. While I was growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s, I had the good fortune of seeing her often. She was an animal lover and horsewoman and ornithologist, who would take me to High Cliff State park on the northeast shore of Lake Winnebago with binoculars and a bird guide in hand – her at 70 something driving her Dodge Dart and traipsing through the woods with me, her 10 or twelve year old grandson. She was a light in my life, and taught me many things, but especially about nature and animals and about our stewardship of all things living – on legs or with wings. I still vividly recall her sitting next to me on the couch in our family room testing my knowledge of bird and dog and horse identification from Audubon books, Western Horseman, and a variety of dog magazines.


My grandmother’s family was lifelong friends of the Blaesing and Zambon families of Rhinelander since the late 1800’s (the families are still there, by the way), and so Grace Loretta spent many days every summer with her childhood friend Hazel (Miller) Blaesing riding horses. The enclosed picture is of her circa 1914, the beginning of WW1, riding her horse on the Blaesing’s extensive tree farms and pine forests. I assume this is where she founded her lifelong love of horses and animals, which she passed on to me as a young boy. In fact, my first horseback ride ever, and with her was probably in 1970 at the local stables in Rhinelander. I distinctly remember it because I had saved for it ($2.00 for an hour ride for me, but I didn’t have enough for her – as a ten year old I had miscalculated). She graciously paid her own way and my mother castigated her for riding with me while she, Grace Loretta, was in her 70’s. She inspired in me a love for all animals, especially for horses and dogs.


Grace Loretta Clough and family friend out for a ride. Rhinelander, WI 1914.


Throughout my charmed and blessed childhood, but much to my mother’s chagrin, I had a menagerie of animals – dogs, cats, birds, Guinee pigs, fish, rabbits…. Which were either relegated to our basement or my bedroom, period. Grandmother Grace and my mother only argued over all the new pets my grandmother would bring me on each visit to Neenah. (I’ll leave out my father’s feelings regarding the same about his mother in law).


I was imprinted with a love for all animals, and sought to become a veterinarian in college, but chemistry and micro-biology beat me, and so no vet degree. Fast forward to a career in manufacturing, and now in the middle of my life I have a chance to contribute. I will never say “give back”, because I think it implies that I’ve taken something. I don’t feel that I’ve taken a thing from our community. I have contributed, as I suspect you have too with a fruitful job or job creations,  and your own contributions and your own personal acts of kindness and compassion. I like to just say that I’m trying to “give”, trying to “contribute”.


I’ve chosen to help the Madison K-9 and Mounted Police for several reasons: the first is that I’ve met all those officers who serve us, our community, in these units and I can unequivocally say that each and every one of them is honest and sincere and dedicated to serving us and keeping our community safe. They put themselves before others, which I find to be a rare trait in our times.


Second is that I have a love for animals, especially those who can help us be safe and secure, and I find that our connection with them is a very special bond on this earth, and that there is something, dare I say “magical”, when and where we can help one another and understand one another’s needs. That a dog can find a lost Alzheimer’s patient who has wandered off? Or track a suspect? That a horse can be an ambassador to people or neighborhoods or situations that otherwise might be rife with mistrust or strife? That both can help maintain a peaceful order to the cities and neighborhoods in which we live every day? I think that’s worth respect and admiration, not only for the animals, but for their handlers and trainers as well.


And third, I am a fan of law enforcement. Every officer I have had the good fortune to know has been absolutely sincere in his or her dedication to protecting our community, and in protecting us individually, personally. I believe this has nothing to do with politics – as a good friend of mine told me, if a caller dials 911, he never asks if the responders will be democrats or republicans. When we need each other, we need each other, it’s as simple as that.


Most all of us have had the good fortune of being raised and living in America. I suspect very few of us , by choice,  have had to go to bed, maybe ever, hungry. Or without a roof over our heads subject to the cold, or rain, or snow. Or have ever not had a pair of shoes to wear . Or been in a position where we have no help available if needed, especially in an emergency situation. So my call to you is that we all take a step back and consider how lucky we are, and amidst that, see if you can contribute to our community for law enforcement and many animal lovers combined. You “owe” nobody. But my favorite organizations, the MPD K-9 unit and Mounted unit, would certainly appreciate your show of appreciation in whatever way you can.



Chris Carlson and all of the skilled and dedicated employees of The Carlson Company, Madison



Sponsored by Laura Callahan, First Weber Realty

A Realtor serving Madison and the surrounding area. From condos to farmland. Buying or selling I can help you with all of your real estate needs. A true animal lover with four horses and two dogs of my own it was a logical decision to sponsor Torres aka “Mr. T”. I am proud to give back to the animals and people who serve my community.



My name is "Torres" AKA "Mr. T". I am a Friesian gelding born in 2006. I am 17.0 HH and weigh about 1,400 lbs. I came all the way from Kentucky to become a police horse in 2014. I love to be scratched on my forehead!

Sponsored by Mary and John Sheehan

Thanks to the generous support of Mary and John Sheehan, the Madison Mounted Patrol has been able to add Cooper to the team! Cooper is originally from Sun Prairie, WI.


Mary loves horses and is the proud owner of her own horse, Lulu, who has been part of the Sheehan Family for 10 years. Mary is a marketing student at Madison College and recently did her Honors project with the Friends of the Madison Mounted Patrol. John is President of UW Health at The American Center located on the east side of Madison and knows the importance of our first responders, particularly our police officers. This is a way for Mary and John to give back to the community and have fun together getting to know Cooper and the rest of the Madison Mounted Patrol Team!


Cooper came to the unit from Sun Prairie, WI, and was able to become a police horse through sponsorship by John and Mary Sheehan of Madison, WI. Cooper has a playful personality and really loves attention!



Leo was generously donated

by a family in Postville WI and

started his career as a police

horse in 2017. Leo has a heart

of a lion – just as his zodiac

name suggests!

 sponsored by Susan Wester


JACK  2002-2014

"Jack", a 12-year old Percheron gelding, began his police career after being rescued from a horse auction, and eventually, donated to the unit in 2010.


On March 7th, 2014,ᅠ Jack went into emergency surgery at the UW Equine Veterinary Hospital with colic. His symptoms made a turn for the worse and surgeons determined that Jack's condition was grave. Jack passed away peacefully with his 'human family in blue' by his side.


Jack showed everyone that he could beat the odds in his 'rags-to-riches' story- everyone who met Jack fell in love with his gentle, teddy bear-like expression. He will be missed by ALL whose lives he touched.

KANDOUR  1999-2010

"Kandour", an 11-year old Percheron gelding, began his police service in the Spring of 2010. During that Summer, Kandour began exhibiting neurological signs that caused him to be unsteady on his feet. His condition grew worse throughout that Fall and Kandour lost his battle to an unknown nerological condition on November 5th, 2010.


Kandour will forever remain MPD's very first gentle giant... He paved the way for the Dept. to adopt a draft-based breed of horse due to their calm, gentle nature.

The Horse First Farm


The Horse First Farm is home to the horses of the Madison Police Mounted Patrol Unit. The farm is located 5 miles south of beautiful Oregon, WI. The facility boasts a huge 100 x 200 ft. Coverall indoor arena and indoor viewing lounge.


The Horse First Farm is the largest Midwest natural horse care facility with a focus on Natural Horsemanship. They specialize in keeping horses in an environment that mimics natural terrain, movement and is socially stimulating to the horses.


For more information please visit


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The Madison Mounted Police Team was informally started in 1986 when six Madison Police Officers asked the Chief if they could ride their personal horses while in uniform in the November Annual Holiday Parade. The uniformed team was such a big hit ...


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