Captain Richard Bach

Captain Bach’s career with the Madison Police Department spans nearly 40 years! In addition to overseeing the Mounted Unit, Captain Bach is in charge of the Patrol Operations division which includes the Traffic Enforcement and Safety Team and K9 unit amongst others.

SERGEANT Shawn Engel

I began my career with the Madison Police Department in 1995. As a Sergeant, I have been a part of many specialized teams to include: the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team, Special Events Team (SET), the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Team, the South District Community Policing Team (SCPT) and, most recently, the Mounted Patrol Team. The Mounted Patrol Team holds special meaning to me as the riders and horses have unique skill sets unlike any other. In addition to being great ambassadors for MPD, the team excels in crowd management, search and rescue operations and special events. The Mounted Patrol Team fulfills its mission with the active support of the Friends of Madison Mounted, Irongate Equine Clinic, and several horse sponsors.


I have been with the Madison Police Department since 2001 and joined the Mounted Patrol Unit in 2007. In 2013, I received my Mounted Patrol Instructor certification which will allow me the opportunity to help our unit continue its' ongoing process for horse and rider development.


The best part of our job is the type of interaction we have with the public. Police work often has many negative aspects to it and patrolling in a police car can be a 'barrier' for some people. When you are on the horse, it breaks down that 'barrier' and people flock to us to say hello!

OFFICER Kathryn Wahl

I've been an officer with the Madison Police Dept. since 2001. I've been a horse lover and rider since childhood. I was lucky enough to have a horse and take riding lessons for several years as a child which would turn out to be great preparation for joining up with the Mounted Patrol Unit.


In 2007, I attended a certification training and after that first week, I knew this was the job for me! I've found that doing police work on horseback can be challenging at times, but the rewards are many! One of the best things about my job is getting to meet and chat with the public at demonstrations and the many events around the city. What other partner only wants an apple for a good days work!


I have been a patrol officer with MPD since 1997 and have been involved with horses since 1983 when I acquired 2 young appaloosas.  In 2003 I began a second career as a natural hoof care practitioner. I am excited to be a member of the unit that gives me the opportunity to further my horsemanship while serving the citizens of Madison.

OFFICER Molly Thomson

I have been an officer with the Madison Police Department since 2005. In addition to patrol services, I’ve worked as a member of a Community Policing Team and as a grenadier on the Special Events Team. I enjoy participating in community events and other opportunities to engage with the community, especially while on bicycle. I am excited to be working as a member of the Mounted Patrol Unit and the challenges and rewards working with a horse bring.

Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol


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The Madison Mounted Police Team was informally started in 1986 when six Madison Police Officers asked the Chief if they could ride their personal horses while in uniform in the November Annual Holiday Parade. The uniformed team was such a big hit ...


Friends of Madison Mounted Horse Patrol